Introduction to converting your revision into speech & adding it to music to revise anywhere


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  • promote the value of creativity in the classroom


  • Demonstrate how technology can be used to enhance students’ experiences of revision
  • Make revision practice more relevant to 21st Century learners
  • Increase self-efficacy
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Download ‘Alpha Wave’ – another FREE track to add your revision notes to

Free Music Track to add speech to

Ambient backing track that should help you to absorb information better… Because it’s at 60BPM, it has a calming effect on the mind allowing you to absorb the spoken revision notes you could sync over it…

Download Alph Wave here

Download LearnThruSong Revision Tools FREE

FREE DOWNLOADAs demonstrated in Chapter 1 of Episode 1, LearnThruSong Revision Tools can help you to manage and organise your revision better. Best of all, it’s completely free.

It contains 2 apps:

  1. New Revision Track automatically creates logical and organised folder structures in subjects and topics. Once you’ve selected your subject (or added a new one), the app guides you through organising your revision notes into sections using simple question-answer type prompts and automatically saves your notes within your project’s text folder.
  2. Text2Speech automatically converts your project’s text into speech. Again this is a simple process. You’ll be asked which project you want to convert before being prompted to choose which text files from your project you want to convert. Each of the files you select will then be ‘read’ (very quickly) into a sound file which will be stored in your project’s audio folder. For convenience, your speech (audio) files will have the same name as your text files, making it easy to know what’s what.

Download LearnThruSong Revision Tools V0.5 for MAC OSX Snow Leopard

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1-1.2 – Preparing your revision notes & installing LearnThruSong Revision Tools

Preparation is key!

Chapter 1 is about – you guessed it – preparation. In 1.2 we’ll look at some things you might like to consider when compiling your notes to ensure your full potential.

In 1.2 we’ll install LearnThruSong revision tools and demonstrate how it’s simple question-answer-like interface will speed up the process of creating your revision tracks. As you’ll see, it also helps you to keep your revision organised.

Want to download LearnThruSong Revision Tools? First, please read the following… Read the rest of this entry

2-2.2 – Creating your first LTS Revision Project & Converting your text to speech

Simplifying your revision with LearnThruSong Revision Tools

Using LearnThruSong’s FREE app, Convert Text2Speech you can quickly convert your revision notes into speech to listen to on your phone, iPOD, MP3 player or CD player, anytime, anywhere. As you’ll see, its dead simple!

Just choose the project folder that you wish to convert and it grabs all of the text files from its text folder then saves each recording with the same name as it’s text counterpart.

You also have an option to omit certain files from being converted using a simple checkboxwith a Select All/None function to make your work even lighter. Read the rest of this entry

3-3.1 – Creating your first LearnThruSong revision track in GarageBand: The interface

Syncing your revision to music is easy in GarageBand – Watch…

Before we begin working with our speech recordings and music though, let’s create your GarageBand project and take a quick look around it’s interface to familiarise ourselves…

In this chapter we’ll be using GarageBand’s Podcast template to take advantage of a few preset effects that will save you time later.

3.2 – Importing your spoken revision notes to add to your free music track in GarageBand

Arranging your spoken revision notes over a music track is simple to do in GarageBand…

OK, so we created your first GarageBand Project in the last chapter so continuing from there, let’s import and sync your music and spoken revision notes…

It’s really straight-forward in Apple’s GarageBand and I’ll show you a number of shortcuts that will have you zipping through your revision like never before!

3.3 – Editing your revision track in GarageBand

Editing is just as intuitive in GarageBand…

So, after importing our spoken revision notes and music in the last chapter, we’re now ready to look at editing them.


Well, you probably want to repeat certain parts of the information and maybe you’d like to choose certain parts of the music track to go with particular sections of your notes.

It won’t take long, GarageBand is a pretty intuitive piece of software like most apple products!


3.4 – Mixing your revision track in GarageBand

Getting the right balance between your speech and music

After editing your spoken revision and/or music track as demonstrated in the last section, we’re now going to look at getting the right balance between your music and speech.Covering issues such as avoiding clipping and effects, we will also look at a pretty cool feature of GarageBand called ducking. Why is it cool? Well, it’s going to speed up mixing your revision tracks by automating a lot of the work for you. It’s a completely optional step but as you’ll see, it’s pretty easy and should make it a lot faster and easier.


3.5 – Exporting your revision track so you can listen to it anywhere

In a few clicks your revision track will be ready to sync to your iPOD, phone or CD

Now that you’ve converted your revision notes into speech and mixed them with your FREE track, you want to get it on to your iPOD or CD to listen to, right?
Following the mixing we did in the last chapter, this step-by-step guide demonstrates how to export your finished track to an MP3 in GarageBand. I will also cover some things you may want to consider regarding the format of your exported track.


4 – Recap Episode 1

Congratulations! I hope you know feel confident about creating your very own revision tracks!

A summary of everything we’ve covered in this tutorial…Visit our blog at for more information as well as links to download LTS Revision Tools for Free.N.B. You can follow along without the revision tools but they will help speed up your revision and they’ll never cost a penny. Also included is a free track to set your revision to!Enjoy and best of luck with your studies,